At In Alignment Collective, we understand that your wedding day celebrates the love and commitment you share with your partner. Our dedicated wedding service is tailored to create an enchanting experience that reflects your unique love story, where every moment is filled with joy, beauty, and cherished memories.

Choose from our range of wedding planning services, including Full Service Wedding Planning, Partial Event Planning Only, or Day of Wedding Coordination, to suit your unique needs and preferences. With In Alignment Collective, you can trust that your wedding day will reflect your love and leave you with lasting memories that will fill forever in your heart. Say "I do" with us, and we'll create a love-filled celebration as magical as your love story.

Day of Wedding Coordination

Our Day of Wedding Coordination package is designed for couples who have completed most of their wedding planning but require professional assistance to ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day.

Our experienced wedding coordinators will step in on the day of your wedding to manage all the logistics, leaving you and your loved ones free to savor every moment of your special day.

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  • Initial consultation to understand your wedding plans and requirements

  • Creation of a detailed wedding timeline and schedule

  • Coordination with all vendors to confirm arrangements and logistics

  • On-site coordination and supervision on the wedding day

  • Handling any last-minute issues or emergencies that may arise

  • Ensuring the smooth flow of the ceremony and reception

  • Setup and arrangement oversight for ceremony and reception areas

  • Assistance with guest seating and guidance throughout the event

  • Distribution of final payments and gratuities to vendors as necessary

  • Providing a sense of calm and support for you and your wedding party.

Partial Services (Month of)

Our Partial Wedding Planning package, also known as Month-of Wedding Planning, is ideal for couples who have made some progress in their wedding preparations but need expert assistance to wrap up the final details and ensure a flawlessly executed celebration.

Our dedicated wedding planners will work closely with you during the last month leading up to your big day, making sure everything is meticulously organized and coordinated.

See What is Included Here

  • Initial consultation to review your existing wedding plans and vendor contracts

  • Discussion and alignment of your vision for the wedding day

  • Development of a comprehensive wedding timeline for the month leading up to the wedding

  • Coordination with vendors to confirm arrangements and address any outstanding issues

  • Assistance with finalizing event details, such as seating arrangements, menu selections, etc.

  • On-site coordination and supervision during the rehearsal and wedding day

  • Managing the wedding rehearsal to ensure everyone knows their roles

  • Handling any unexpected challenges that may arise during the final weeks

  • Ensuring all vendors are on track and prepared for the wedding day

  • Overseeing setup and arrangements on the wedding day

  • Managing the flow of events and ensuring timely transitions.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

Our Full-Service Wedding Planning package is an all-inclusive offering for couples who desire comprehensive support throughout their wedding journey.

From the initial stages of planning to the last dance on your wedding night, our professional wedding planners will be your dedicated partners, bringing your dream wedding to life with meticulous attention to detail and creativity.

See What is Included Here

  • Extensive initial consultation to understand your preferences, style, and vision

  • Assistance with selecting a theme, color scheme, and overall wedding design

  • Creation of a detailed wedding budget and management of expensesVendor sourcing, recommendations, and appointment scheduling

  • Review and negotiation of vendor contracts to secure the best services and deals

  • Regular meetings with the couple to keep them updated and involved in decision-making

  • Development of a comprehensive wedding timeline from start to finish

  • Handling all logistics, including guest accommodations and transportation arrangements

  • Managing RSVPs and guest communications

  • Coordination and supervision of the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception

  • Design and layout planning for ceremony and reception venues

  • On-site coordination on the wedding day to ensure a flawless execution

  • Assisting with any unforeseen issues and troubleshooting as needed

  • Ensuring the wedding day stays on schedule and smoothly transitions between events

  • Providing a stress-free and enjoyable planning experience for the couple.

Let's Plan Your

Perfect Day Together

Let's Plan Your

Perfect Day Together

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